Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday September 27, 2011

Chris here with a much overdue update.

I'll start off where the last update left off. Dad spent one week in the hospital while the doctors worked towards raising his sodium levels back to normal. His doctor recommended he try a new drug, Tolvaptan. This drug maintains dad's sodium level, and he will have to remain on this drug for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, this drug also makes dad very tired.

In the weeks since dad's return from the hospital, he has resumed chemotherapy and radiation. Midway through the chemotherapy treatments, a scan revealed that the cancer had spread further, which meant that chemo treatments had to stop in favor of radiation. All of these treatments have made dad very tired, if you can imagine.

Last Friday hospice care started at home. Med Equip also came on Friday night to set up a more comfortable bed as well as oxygen for dad. The oxygen will greatly help as dad has had some difficulty breathing (which results in making him feel even more tired). The new bed allowed dad to enjoy a Wolverines, Tigers, and an improbable Lions win in comfort over the weekend.

Dad continues to be very tired as a result of the drugs and endless treatments. However, he remains very positive and appreciates everyone's thoughts, prayers, and support.