Sunday, March 6, 2011

Had a great week. Tom Liberty, my golf partner of many years, drove down from Interlochen & we had a great lunch together managing to drink most all the coffee at the local Big Boy. And what could be better than watching our Wolverines sweep Michigan State in basketball.
Looks like my chemo schedule is set for the beginning of each month starting tomorrow. Had a blood draw on Friday (no results til monday) and my blood pressure was the best it has been in months. (That was before they gave me my bill.) I have experienced no weight loss but look thinner I believe. It does take me twice as long to shower these days. Soap & rinse the same but the rake up of hair takes time. I'll have to post a pix when bald becomes beautiful.
Please keep the prayers coming. They are powerfull.
Love & blessings to all,


  1. You're modest, Tom, as always. The directors of the world-famous Roscommon Open officially retired their trophy with you, after you and Tom Liberty won the title five consecutive years. That was some clutch putting, not too mention your wood play--not golf clubs that is, but your shots from the woods.

  2. Tom you're good lookin hair or no hair. Mike & I love you for the great compassionate heart you have, Christ in you the hope of glory. May the Lord give you peace through the chemo this week and Cheryl too. I love your beautiful attitude. Amazing grace at its best.

  3. Chuckle.

    Happy Fat Tuesday!
    Happy Paczki Day!
    Happy Almost Daylight Savings Time!
    Happy Almost Spring! (from Cat)

    Prayers and positive thoughts winging to you and Cheryl. Carol

  4. Hope to see you at the wedding in two weeks if you're feeling good!

    Gene and Sue