Friday, April 15, 2011

-This post provided by Chris Allen-
Last evening my parents were inducted into the Father Gabriel Richard High School Hall of Fame. It was a wonderful event attended by many special people. I felt honored being in attendance with these great individuals who have given so much to affect so many people in a positive manner. I know my parents were humbled to receive such an honor. I may have a slight bias, however I think they deserve it! To those of you who may not be aware, my dad is also being inducted into the Diocese of Lansing Catholic School Hall of Fame this June! My dad will probably talk about last evening in his next post, so for now enjoy these photos.

Accepting the award.
Coaches with the varsity squad
(win that state title this year, guys!)
Thomas and Cheryl Allen


  1. Thank you, Chris, for this post and the wonderful pictures. Tom and Cheryl, you so richly deserve this award. Wish we could have been there!

  2. Dearest Tom & Cheryl,

    What a great honor & privilege to know you. I'm so happy you were blessed last night and am sad that we could't be there. The Lord blesses those who blesses others, Working with the youth is a work that keeps giving and you are a true representation of God's love. We are blessed to call you friend. Thank you for all you do and are to so many. Chris, thank you for posting the pictures for those of us who wanted but couldn't be there. Love, The Iannuzzi's, Fran, Mike, Michael, James, Chris and Mary (Michael did want to be there to honor you Tom & cHERYL]

  3. Just awesome!!! I agree--they do deserve it!!! They are loved and have given so much of themselves to others!

  4. Congrats Tom and Cheryl, agreed there are not 2 more deserving people than the 2 of you. God bless you for all you have done for the school and the kids. Continuing to pray for you. Thanks Chris for posting the pictures.


  5. Thank you Chris for posting the pictures. You and your family are very special. Am praying.