Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Family & Friends,
I am convinced that the prayers of many are being answered. I have had a pretty normal week in that I've been going to work and my stamina has held up. I will normally leave a bit early for a late afternoon nap and business has been good. Wish I could tell you more about my prognosis and treatment plan but my new oncoligist went on vacation after he released me from the hospital and has been silent since. Not happy with that & I'll correct that on Monday. I need a protocol so I can know when I'm apt to be sick.
Golf season starts in a few weeks & yes, I'm coaching again this year. Saw a few of my players earlier in the week & they are eager to start. I think we have a pretty special group. This will probably be my last year.
Again I thank you all so much for your visits, calls, cards, prayers......
Bless you all,


  1. I'm so glad you had a good week. You have to keep on top of those doctors. The squeeky wheel gets the oil.

    Those young golfers are blessed to have you for a coach not only of golf but on life. May the LOrd strengthen you in all your ways.

    I love the picture of you and Cheryl. Such a precious couple of mighty fine friends.

  2. so happy to hear you are doing well. Super happy you are able to coach this year:) The boys love you soo much!!!!

  3. Dear Coach Allen,

    I'm very glad to hear that things are going smoothly. I hope it stays that way in the months to come. My family and I would just like to say that we are keeping you in our thoughts and praying for you in our family rosary. God willing, we all hope you make a strong recovery.

    Me and the boys are getting really pumped for this season. Many of us have been hitting the range a few times a week. I've been lifting weights at the gym and getting lessons regularly, so I'm very eager to see how this season turns out. Its really upsetting to know that this might be your last year. The team is extremely dedicated to giving it everything we've got this year.

    My father and I were wondering if you could shoot us some dates to come visit you, if that's okay. You can e-mail me at I hope to see you very soon!

    Love, Tyler Madden and family

  4. Tom,
    So happy things are going well for you. Those kids are blessed to have you. Don't overdue it. Says the nurse! Make sure you rest when you need to! Sending prayers.....