Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Found out last night and this morning that the body really doesn't like chemo. Feeeling a bit better this afternoon as the nausea has passed. I did go out on an appointment this morning to see a favorite client and tired fast.Thanks again for all your prayers. Please remember Cheryl as well --- best nurse a guy could have.


  1. Dear Tom and Cheryl,
    Wanted to let you know that we are praying for both of you.Tom, may the Lord heal you and the chemo take well, quickly and with little side effect. Cheryl, may God give you his peace and loving presense. God bless you Tom for your faithful service all those years at the hospital.
    You have and always be dear friends.
    Carol and Wayne Slomiany

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  3. Dear Tom & Cheryl, Our hearts and prayers are with you! Jamie and Joe are esp praying hard for you out of their great love and appreciation of who you are and have been to them. Cheryl, I want to offer a meal for you and will be happy to schedule a few more to help out. Please let us know anything we can do to help you love gene and sue

  4. Tom and Cheryl, we were just informed about Tom's diagnosis. We love you and pray for Gods mercy and grace. We are here for anything you may need. Sending much love and positive thoughts.
    God Bless you,
    Therese and Tom

  5. Dearest Cheryl and Tom,
    We were sorry to hear that you are being bothered from some side effects, Tom. We will pray that this will not happen and that you will gain strength and stamina. Yes, you have the finest nurse on the planet!
    We send love to both of you,
    Barry and Leslie
    "Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible" ~ by Corrie Ten Boom

  6. Dear Tom,
    I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and Cheryl (and the rest of your awesome family) every single day! I wish I could have come to say hello when I was in town last weekend. I will be back in Ann Arbor the 2nd weekend in march and hope to give you lots of hugs and talk for a while.
    Talking to you and Cheryl is always one of the highlights of my trips to Michigan. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways...your marriage and commitment to your family, your spirituality and connection to God, and how wonderful and open and genuine you are make me strive to be the same way. Robin (my husband) only met you at Christmas, but was taken away with how easy to talk to you are and how you bring out the best in everyone you meet.
    God bless you and Cheryl. I am so lucky to have you as part of my family. Thank you for touching my life with your positive spirit.
    Love to you and Cheryl,
    Sarah Jilek

  7. We are praying for God's Love, Mercy, and Peace! We love you all very very much!! Mike , Mary and Kids!!!

    p.s. -Coach Allen - Austin says hello and he is thinking of you!