Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks to the lack of snow plows yesterday, none in our sub anyway, Cheryl & I had a lovely snow day together. Picture us having a quiet lunch in front of our fireplace. PERFECT!

Back to work today. Lots of renewals & emails to catch up with including a nice note from Ralph Martin in Rome! Please always pray for his protection & ministry. Hey Ralph, while you're there, if you happen to run into ....... , never mind.

Feelin pretty normal today, looking forward to my men's group tonite. Yep, we'll be gettin into some serious prayin.

More at the end of the week.

Blessings, Tom

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  1. Hi Tom & Cheryl, we met at our house last night, shared and kept you close in our hearts and prayers. We can meet at our house anytime and whenever you would like you can join us or change the location back to your home. Glad to hear of your cozy snow day. Carrie is hoping for one more tomorrow, you too? Love Sue & Gene