Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday 1;30 pm getting my second round of chemo. Started the day with 8 am mass & ran into a few old friends who were surprised to see me. I have been in hospital ministry for 26 years and have developed many strong friendships with area priests. This has translated into being able to receive the eucharist daily and two annointings! Last night was the best sleep I've had here, probably because I was able to watch Michigan basketball & hockey both win. My chemo for tomorrow has been moved up 4 hours so I can get discharged earlier. I'm expecting a visitor from N. Y. this weekend which I'm pretty excited about. I'll fill you in later on that.


  1. Tom! We love you so much!! You and your amazing family are very much in our thoughts. Stay strong!
    ~Ariel and James

  2. Hello Tom,
    Lucia and I are in Hungary. We'll get lots of folks over here to pray for you. Be well.
    Dcn. Steve and Lucia

  3. Dear Precious Tom, I stood in prayer for you today and the Spirit of God was strong on your behalf. I could barely stand to the power of the Holy Spirit. The prayer was for the fire of God to burn those cancer cells out in the name of Jesus. I am putting you on every prayer list I know of. I love you and Cheryl and your sons Patrick, Jason and Christopher. I got your back Tom as you have had mine so many times that I can't even count. Fight the good fight and stand firm in the Lord for your healing. Love, Fran & Mike Iannuzzi

  4. Tom,our whole family is praying for you (and we're having all the people we know pray for you, too). You have been so faithful to us through the years. We're all going to storm heaven for you to beat this. Thanks for having the blog. Pat Mierendorf

  5. Dearest Cheryl and Tom,
    We are thinking of you constantly, and we are praying for you both and for all the doctors and personnel working with you. We are ready and wanting to help you in any way we can. We love each of you. We hope you can feel the Lord's arms around you. Barry and Leslie

  6. Thought of you in church this morning when the minister said,
    "Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness".

    Barry & Leslie

  7. It has been so good to talk to you the past three days. Your voice sounds so strong. I'm so thankful that the first chemo round went well and that you didn't have any adverse effects. Praise God! Keep hanging in there. All the prayers that are coming your way are bound to make you well again. God is good. I know He still has big plans for you.

  8. Tom and Cheryl, Bill and I have been and will pray continuously for you. Psalm 91.
    Mary Cavnar