Monday, February 14, 2011

This comes a little late as my final round of chemo ended at 1 pm & I couldn't wait to get into real clothes & leave. Got a few hours of work done this afternoon and my energy is good. This has not knocked me out the way it has others and my sleep was great again last night. Got to go back tomorrow for a shot to help my immunity to infections. Your prayers are very important to me!!! I gave our spiritual care department at the UofM my decision to turn in my "collar" after 26 years there. I simply can't risk being around the sick the way I was. It was a blessed ministry and I learned much about suffering and witnessed some miracles along the way.
More later.
Blessings to all,


  1. Dear Tom and Cheryl, I am so glad you are getting good sleep and you have energy. I'm sorry you had to hand in your hat as pastoral care after 26 years of beautiful service for the Lord. I know you have ministered to many on the Lord's behalf. Now its time for you to soak in God's love and healing power. I put you on 5 ministry prayer lists today. I will continue tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day to a wonderful, loving couple. Blessings and sleep well my good friends. Love, Fran and Mike

  2. So glad to hear you were sprung from the hospital. What a nice Valentine's gift for both of you! How wonderful that your body is handling the chemo so well. I pray that continues. The spiritual care director at U. of M. Hospital must have been so disappointed with your news. You have been such an awesome chaplain all these years. Know you've been a positive influence on so many souls. God must have even bigger jobs in mind for you. Love you little brother. Sleep well. MJ

  3. Tom, we know you made the decision carefully to not continue the pastoral care work. U.of M. will certainly miss you. But we know the Lord has other plans for you. We are SO pleased that the chem. treatments are going well. That is really an answered prayer. We continue our prayers each day. Love and blessings, Barry and Leslie

  4. Dear Tom & Cheryl,
    Thanks so much for starting this blog so we can make the journey with you.
    You are deeply in my prayers,